A true Cosmopolitan

It can certainly be said that Vera Heijligers is a professional traveller and adaptor to new places and cultures. She has relocated with her family over 17 times,  and has always managed to create a home in unknown territory. These cities include:  

Munich, Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Casablanca, Almaty, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dubai, Singapore

Although Vera can certainly advise you with regard to these cities, she is undoubtedly able to assist on an emotional level globally. She has studied Personal Counseling/Personal Coaching, and her ability to read and understand people is incomparable to anything else. Her services are available in English, German, Dutch, and French.

Being a partner or family to the man or woman with an overseas assignment is a job in and of itself. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to adapt to a brand new culture, how you’re going to make sure your children feel at ease, and how to make sure the emotional and psychological transition from one home to another feels more like a walk in the park rather than an uphill climb. Vera has done it all. Not only has she done it all, she has done it all with little to no help from professionals as there seems to be a lack of such when it comes to resettling advice.

Text written by her daughter Rosanne, the epitome of a third culture kid (TCK). This is how she sees her strong and determined mother.

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